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We have some incredible news - Fleeky Friday's Crystal Crease eyeliner was featured on Cardi B in her Hot Shit music video. View the video here. Be sure to grab your own Crystal Crease before they sell out. Multiple size and color options are available. 
Cardi B's makeup team was led by the incredible Erika Lapearl. Our Crystal Crease was featured next to real diamonds for a reason. These are not your ordinary gem rave stickers. The technique, cut and quality in the Crystal Crease is designed to mimic high end jewelry, which is why it fit in so well with this high fashion concept and millions of dollars in diamonds on Cardi B. 
I am thrilled as a creator that our product is attracting this level of clientele. Whether you're going to a rave or shooting a multi million dollar video dripping in diamonds, the Crystal Crease is sure to elevate your look!

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