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Our handmade Diamond Gloss was named "Best Shimmer" by Byrdie! - Fleeky Friday INC

Our handmade Diamond Gloss was named "Best Shimmer" by Byrdie!

From time to time, I search “Fleeky Friday” on Google to see how we are performing in SEO.

As I scrolled, I noted the usual, our tags as well as the tags of artists that use our products.

Soon this caught my eye. I thought I was daydreaming-


Screen Shot 2020-08-28 at 6.49.36 PM.png

I’m not going to lie. I screamed. Out of shock, amazement and disbelief. Joy. Tears. I felt so many things at once. “Is this real?” I thought to myself. I clicked the article.


You can see it yourself here: https://www.byrdie.com/best-clear-lip-gloss

Screen Shot 2020-08-28 at 6.45.36 PM.png

I remember answering a few questions on why clear gloss is a must, however this is not something I expected to happen. Our Diamond Gloss is now an award winning product.

In an industry that is extremely over saturated, an indie brand like mine getting noticed by huge blogs like Byrdie (collectively over 1m followers across all platforms) is a huge feat.

I am so incredibly honored and humbled that my handmade glosses are featured among some of the legendary beauty brands like GUCCI, Lancome, YSL, and Glossier.

Thank you, (Yes, you) for your amazing support. This wouldn’t be happening if it was not for you.

This is only the beginning!

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