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Recap: The Makeup Show NYC - Fleeky Friday INC

Recap: The Makeup Show NYC

The Makeup Show NYC was an incredible experience. I had the pleasure of sharing a space with a fellow brand by the name of VOYD, who makes custom purses that light up on the inside, a truly genius invention! Lisa (the founder) is amazing, and I'm incredibly thankful to know her. 
VOYD founder Lisa and I
My main offerings were our two viral products, the diamond lip gloss oils and our crystal crease. The Crystal Crease was a hit! The black, a color that had only launched days prior, outsold all other colors, even colors that we'd been selling for years. 
My first ever in person selling event! 
I had the pleasure of meeting the founder of GLIST APP and WOW what an incredible human. She purchased the Crystal Crease in black and send over so many customers, just based on how incredible she looked in them. 
Feedback from customers was that they wanted a true glitter gloss, and more glitter in general. A sample of a glitter gel that is unreleased made waves and due to that we plan to put it into production very soon. They have an extreme holo foil finish to them. They are also smooth to the touch, and we will be implementing them in other products as well.
I also got to meet THE DANESSA MYRICKS - no words 
She was incredibly sweet, and congratulated me on everything. She said that she absolutely loved Akira, and was an incredibly stylish person. WOW
Danessa is such a kind, warm spirit. One i strive to learn more from.
At the end of the night, I visited One Vanderbilt & Carbone for a business dinner. Absolutely amazing trip, and I hope to do it again soon! 
Delicious and great staff! 10/10 - the hardest reservation to get in NYC for a reason. Fun Fact- they turned Justin Beiber away once lmfao
Doing the absolute most at One Vanderbilt Center!
Cant wait to see what 2024 holds! 
If you prefer a visual recap, check out the post below! 

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