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This lip kit comes with a single shade. Bleu is a deep royal blue, with multi colored reflects.

Please avoid oily foods, as it breaks down the primer.

This includes one 5 gram jar of luxury loose glitter +1 lip primer

Please avoid super oily foods, as it breaks down the primer.

Glitter lippie instructions:

  1. Apply lip primer, make sure you get the edges of your lips

  2. After lip primer is tacky, use a flat shadow brush to apply glitter to lips

  3. Pro tip: I like to put the primer on your lips, and wait for it to get tacky, then pour the glitter on a sheet of paper. Then, gently press my lips against the glitter with the primer on. Make sure to carefully dust off excess glitter with a stiff brush. This is the key to zero fallout. Lastly, fold the paper, and pour the glitter back into the jar.

  4. When it’s time to come off, use an oil to gently remove it. I personally use coconut oil, any oil should work!