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Pre- Pre Orders- WHAT? - Fleeky Friday INC

Pre- Pre Orders- WHAT?

Pre- Pre Orders... WAIT, WHAT??!?

Fleeky Friday


I posted one little thing about someone making an order... and the next thing I knew, I had half a dozen pre-pre orders within a day. I had no site, nothing. You guys didn't care. 

A pre-pre order is when a Mafiosa tells you that she doesn't care that you don't have a site yet. She wants to order anyway. Sight unseen. Here's the money. Idgaf, just take it. 

And you guys did just that:

Paypal, quickpay, zelle. The pre-pre orders just kept coming, and they are STILL COMING. 

I am forever thankful to have such supportive friends in the mafia. 

Honestly, I don't think I would be this bold without you guys backing me up. I'm bold, but this is an entirely different level. This gives me chills every single day. Believe it or not Glam Mafia is my inspiration not in just getting started, but in making this the best it can be. 

You guys have my heart!

Now let me get back to getting rich so I can afford to kidnap you all and take you on vacations! Thanks again Mafiosas! This one is for YOU!  

And seeing posts like these. UFF!! I LOVE IT 

Screen Shot 2018-06-13 at 12.47.33 AM.png

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